In the past 4 decades, more people have taken to the water on a Hobie than any other sailboat design.

  • Hobie’s rotomolded sailing catamarans (Bravo, Wave, T2, Getaway) are super durable yet performance-oriented. There’s a model for every skill level.
  • Hobie’s fiberglass beach-launchable catamarans (Hobie 16, Wild Cats) revolutionized sailing. Fly a hull and you’ll understand the global obsession.
  • An absolute joy on the water, the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island and Island Tandem are super easy to rig and sail, and very approachable to people new to sailing.
If you're interested in a new boat, give us a call to discuss the possibility of a package deal of a new Hobie boat + other related accessories and services.